Women’s World Day of Prayer Service

Friday, 2nd Mar, 2018 7:00pm

This year's hosted Women's World Day of Prayer Service will be held at St Philip and St James.

The women of Suriname wrote this years' service. Suriname is in South America and very lush country mostly rainforest and 90% of the multi ethnic population live on the coast. The official language is Dutch.

Suriname is the 17th richest country in the world for natural resources, water being the most abundant.

The theme of this years' service is All God's Creation is very Good, and how the women of Suriname are committed to caring for the world responsibly and pass it on unspoilt to future generations.

In a 36 hour period from Samoa and back to American Samoa the service will have been conducted in 170 countries, translated into 60 languages and 1000 dialects. In the British Isles alone 6000 service will take place.

The service will commence at 7pm and refreshments will be served afterwards. All welcome.