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A Spitfire aluminium front door is the perfect combination of aesthetic beauty and engineering excellence. Each and every door and frame is meticulously constructed by hand, combining substantial aluminium sections by Schüco, with technologically advanced German locking systems.

But there's no need to take our word for it. Because, since 2001, over 200,000 of these doors have been sold across the world's most uncompromising markets in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Larger dimensions, larger range.

To meet the current demand for more expansive and impressive front doors, we can manufacture oversize single doors up to 1.25 metres wide and up to a whopping 2.7 metres high.

With over 600 door styles to choose from, including options with side lights, top lights, double doors and French doors, there is a Spitfire door to embellish every type, and style, of property. Simply email us with your preferred door design, using our user-friendly software at www.spitfiredoors.co.uk and click on the 'Door Designer' button.

S-500. Impeccable style, impregnable security.

Each S-500 door is exceptionally strong thanks to the 3mm thick walls of the Inotherm-Schüco aluminium sections, unique to Spitfire. Our standard door leaf is a substantial 85mm thick with three layers of security glazing in every door containing glass. There's also a wide range of tried and tested hi-tech options like fingerprint opening, automatic locking and built-in LEDs.

Protecting the environment inside and out.

The Spitfire S-500 3D Series has an imposing 105mm outerframe and 105mm door leaf which means the thermal value of our doors can be as low as 0.7 W/m2K, which is actually lower than Passiv Haus.

Which means that these doors don't just look great and keep you safe. Because they will also reduce your domestic running costs and protect the environment both inside and outside your beautiful new front door!

SPITFIRE S-400 SERIES. A fusion of timber and technical innovation.

The latest range in Spitfire Door's ever growing series of residential entrance doors, the S-400 timber fusion range combines the sheer beauty and elegance of natural red cedar with a uniquely thermally efficient internal construction.

A natural choice.

For those who love the sheer beauty of a natural wood finish (and who doesn't?), our new S-400 Series really is the obvious choice. The beautiful fine grain of the West Canadian red cedar enables a superbly smooth finish, stained to bring out the natural colour of the wood in all its glory.

The warm glow of the timber is superbly offset by the cool modernity of stainless steel hardware and subtly elegant aesthetic touches such as organic glass insets, wholly exclusive to Spitfire Doors. While a bespoke care and maintenance kit is also available for easy care.

The beauty of high performance.

Secure and soundproof, the S-400 Series door leaf is a substantial 94mm thick, constructed of solid red cedar, fibre board for acoustic insulation and high insulation foam for thermal efficiency, with a thermally broken low threshold @ 20mm high.

If you'd like to make a truly a truly grand entrance for your home with Spitfire Doors, please visit our offices in Macclesfield to discuss your ideas.


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